Claudia Mantelli in London to program 2016/2017 Years about London’sExhibitions


I’ll be in London for programming some Personal Exhibitions, great Exhibitions most spectacular exhibitions collective small and big in a In the coolest art district of London……….
I hope that all go well

The Serpentine Sackler Gallery Brings The Best And Worst Of Zaha Hadid To London


Arch.Claudia Mantelli ArtCurator Tel.+39 333 9434867-+39 0165 267896 – mail =

I created this “virtual space” to be able to do “Art and Culture” directed to a heterogeneous and international audience who wants to see, participate, comment, buy or sell, be advertised: in short, be actively involved and
in the most disparate ways that I propose, in agreement with the Artists e
together with the curatorial team.
Quality, Professionalism, Experience, Creativity, Genius will be at the base of all that I propose Individually or with Professional Artists.
There will be excellent services for the Artist at affordable prices (Catalogs,
Critics, Videos, Brochures, Advertising-Personal Shows, Collective,
I will propose artistic and cultural events with galleries, fairs, important auctions, consulates, associations, companies, theaters, palaces, castles, special areas in different parts of Europe and the world to optimize the results obtained with the help of Sponsors, Advertising and Donations.
Obviously I will introduce the Artists of which I am the Art Curator and the Artists that are in ‘. “Art Factory by Claudia Mantelli ART”. The Association no longer exists because it prevented me from doing my profession better.
As I said, I will only create quality and thickness events, especially outside Italy.
I am interested in every type of Artist: from Fine Arts, (Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Digital Art, Visual Art, Performances ……), Design, Body Art, Street Art.
Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Visual Arts, Design, Digital-Art, Street-Art, Body-Art, Performances, Installations, Projects related to the Metaphysics, the Unconscious, the Dream World, the Science, Quantum Physics, the Mysteries of ‘ Man.
Architecture, Interior Designer and Design will also play a fundamental role in this space and concretely, because I will create interesting and creative events dealt with professionally.
They are welcome, actors, musicians, bands, singers and excellent professionals in the contemporary international artistic and cultural scene for the “Contamination Project” of Fine Art with other Arts.
Some points are essential for me
1) Spreading Art and Culture
2) To bring out the Artists
3) Selling the Artists’ Works.
4) I am also available Individually for Who will ask for my Professionalism and Planning in Curating Artists and Events, Conferences, Seminars, Management of Galleries, Art Director, Art Criticism, Interior Design + Contemporary Art and Historicized Art.
All the best.
Thank you. .

to Buy or to Sell Artworks,
If you want work with me like Art Curator e/o Art Organizer e/o Art Director, Interior Designer.
To work with me and Artists or some Artists you love  .
I-Phone +39 3339434867,
FIXED PHONE+39 0165 267896 ;
Thank You

Please click 2 time on each Artwork  for better to see.

Other speech as regards Exhibitions,Collaborations with other associations, foreign or Italian , where I have to be present with my Name and professionally to collaborate… I Publish my articles and others and I will be available to every Artist for Personal Exhibition, Critiques d ‘Art, Catalogues, Sale of Artworks, Presentation of each artist (Obviously with AFFORDABLE COST), News…

will be everywhere, and in every right Cities of the World.
Artists from all over the World and it is right that I spread their ART and  my objective will always be to make EMERGENCE every great artist.
I will do everything possible for this to happen, creating and participating in important Events.

  1. This Platform will leave one space suitable for DONATIONS, SPONSOR-SHIP-FOUNDATIONS, PARTNER-SHIP for IMPORTANT EVENTS..  can contact me between This Platform where will leave one space suitable :
    MAIL =  to be able to define all in the details TO COLLABORATE

Claudia Dott. Mantelli Art Curator

Exhibition “Seductions” in Aosta from 14-02-2014 to 02-03-2014 in a great Gallery


“SEDUCTIONS” Exhibition from 14-02-2014 to 02-03-2014 in Aosta, in Italy but near Switzerland and France.

Map of Gallery

Map of Gallery Finaosta

The eroticism, violence, nudity of bodies and objects, nature and upset the dream in her eyes

of contemporary artists who will participate in this unique and special show.

Seduction can have several meanings: a ‘Work of Art can be seduced by its beauty, content, uniqueness.
There will also be artists who will work on desire, sensuality:: it is sufficient to exert a particular seduction on ‘Observer.

Thanks to the beauty, brightness, and considerable surface areas of the game, you can create a great movement in the design of the Exposition.
Publish and will spread countless catalogs where they will publicate the various Works of Art to present the show.

Thanks to important collaborations will be published items related to “Seduction.”

Invitations will be sent to multiple people who love art, in Aosta, in cities such as Turin and Milan, France, Switzerland.

It will also be made ​​a ‘good publicity both media, both print, without excluding Radio and TV.
In fact they are very welcome to the Contacts with Journalists Newspapers, Magazines, you will want to personally contact or contact

for articles or interviews, also together with any artists.

The date of the show will be 14 February to 02 March 2014.

Il Vernissage-Cocktail sarà alle ore 18, 30 del giorno Venerdì 14 Febbraio 2014.

Nella Galleria io sarò sempre presente per curare al meglio tutto l’Evento artistico.

President & Exhibition organizer Claudia Dott. Mantelli
with a Collaboration of Artist founder Lino Porrari.

Tel. +39 333 9434 867

Artists who sign up gradually, will be advertised in the Web-Site


Last date for Registration is January 10, 2014.
The price is 130 Euro (+ 20 Euro to be associated with “PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS STUDIOS).

The Works must be 3:
– 1 large (eg 100 x 100, 150 x 70 …..)
+ 2 Artworks medium (es.50×70, 60×40 …).

Before you register, please send an email with 3 Works of Art and questions to which I hasten to answer.

The price is for the Galleria, Catering, 400 Catalogues approximately 15x15cm., That we will, we will not only in Aosta, but also in Switzerland, France, Milan, Turin, and so on.
Before enrolling, please send simply 1 email with Name, Type of Art, Works of Art 3.
Advertise on paper, on newspapers, radio and TV
Pubblità through the media, internet, social networks and web-site


Registration form for the selection for the exhibition:

Exhibition of contemporary art FROM 14-02 TO 02-03-2014

Io sottoscritt___________________________________________________________

residente a___________________ (Prov___)

Via _________________ C.A.P. ______

Cell. ____________________________


Web-site or Blog _________________________

I ask to be able to participate in the exhibition marked the work:


and I undertake to formalize the membership within the required time.
Furthermore, I declare that the work presented is exclusively the result of my creative ability and, according to the law 196/2003 on the protection of privacy, I authorize the treatment of my personal data. All material presented above (photos, CDs, catalogs …), will not be returned.



Tel. +39 333 94 34 867


The Works of Art should be sent to this address on
11 February 2014 TO:


Via Chambéry 143
11100 Aosta (AO)
Store Manager: Rossano Bardella
Tel: 0165/230180
Fax: 0165/40462

Orari di apertura:
Lunedi – venerdi:
9.00/13.00 – 14.00/18.00
Saturday closed.
The works must be withdrawn by March 3, 2014, following the close of the exhibition. The organizers, the Association of Professional Artists Studios Dr. Claudia Mantelli although the utmost care of the works received, do not take any responsibility for any damage due to shipping, tampering, fire, theft or other causes during the period of exposure and stock.
The Gallery is, however, well protected by cameras, being part of the Financial Finaosta.
As follow also shows abroad, who wants to can do a little insurance if the Work is very valuable.

This form plus the copy of the payment made ​​to the Association “Professional Artists Studios” through those coordinates will be given by Claudia Mantelli, must be sent by email to cm.eventiarte @ later than January 5, 2014, in order to start the creation of catalogs and above all the publicity.

TEL: +39 3339434 867


“Nella Lente dell’Onirico” Desideri-Speranze-Paure / “In the Lens of Dream” Wish-Hopes-Fears

"Nella Lente dell'Onirico" Desideri-Speranze-Paure / "In the Lens of  Dream" Wish-Hopes-Fears

“Nella Lente dell’Onirico” Desideri-Speranze-Paure / “In the Lens of Dream” Wish-Hopes-Fears

“Nella Lente dell’Onirico” Desideri-Speranze-Paure / “In the Lens of Dream” Wish-Hopes-Fears

"Nella Lente dell'Onirico" Desideri-Speranze-Paure / "In the Lens of  Dream" Wish-Hopes-Fears

“Nella Lente dell’Onirico” Desideri-Speranze-Paure / “In the Lens of Dream” Wish-Hopes-Fears

IMPORTANT – Post riservato agli Artisti- Post reserved for Artists

They have broken 3 Locations for 3 Artists for Exhibition “IN THE LENS OF DREAM”
Photographers-Painters-Sculptors-Designer-Digital-Art, Visual-Art.
If you want to participate, send me later today or tomorrow 2 Photos of your works,
your email, to my        MAIL
Or call us at     PHONE +39 3339434867 and we will put together.
The cost is 10 Euro instead of 20. that are paid annually to the Association for the various expenses + 140 Euro.
The Regulation and Module complile are set to “Exhibition”, in this nWeb-Site,
in English and Italian.
Dr. Claudia Mantelli Exhibion ​​Art Curator & Organizer.


Si sono liberate 3 Locations per 3 Artisti per la Mostra d’Arte “Nella Lente dell’Onirico”
Pittori-Fotografi-Scultori-Designer-Digital-Art, Visual-Art.
Se vuoi partecipare alla Mostra , inviami entro oggi, al massimo  domani 2 Foto delle tue Opere,
la tua mail alla mia MAIL
Oppure telefona al   Tel. +39 3339434867 e ci mettero d’accordo.
Il costo é 10 Euro, anziché 20 ,. che vengono versate ogni anno all’Associazione per le varie spese+ 140 Euro.
Il REGOLAMENTO e il MODULO da complilare sono su “Exhibition”, in questo Web-Site,
in Inglese e in Italiano.
Claudia Dott. Mantelli Art Curator & Exhibion Organizer.