OPENING CALL ARTISTS“PRAISE OF MADNESS””by Claudia Arch. Mantelli Art Curator & Doodle Art Association

Registration opening
Contemporary art event ” ELOGIO DELLA FOLLIA”

From 17 to 31 May 2023 the Arch. Claudia Mantelli Art Curator
& Exhibitions Organizer and the Cultural Association
DOODLE ART-Advanced Art Project & Design invite Artists and Designers to the Contemporary Art Event “ PRAISE OF FOLLIA ” at: SPAZIO EX FURNACE, Via Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 16, 20143 Milan (MI).
Each Artist, Designer will be able to participate by taking advantage of different cuts of exhibition space according to their own Works of Art and the exhibition results that they want to obtain, always in agreement with the Art Curator Claudia Mantelli.
The following are required:
-Short Biography / Curriculum Vitae

  • Image of the Works to be exhibited in jpg format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Indication of the prices of the Works of Art (possibly negotiable with the Curator Claudia Mantelli).
    The percentage on the sale is 40%, possibly negotiable with the Curator
  • Receipt of payment of participation fee of Euro (see PDF to ask the Curator) for 200 cm., Euro (see PDF) for 300 cm., Euro (see PDF to ask the Curator) for 400 cm., for Paintings, Photography, Collages, Street Art, Digital Art, Wall installations.
    -As regards the conceptual, sculpture or design installations, the spaces are two central ones measuring 200 x 200 cm. euros (see PDF to ask the Curator)
  • 2 other Sculptors or Designers, who will be able to exhibit on other supports/bases of 250 cm. and other measures.
    -Each Artist will be able to exhibit the n. of Works with the relative measures with the support of the Curator.
    -Each Work to be exhibited must be equipped with “Attachments”, triangles or rope thread, or aluminum, as it must be hung on the chains.
    -If the Artist is associated with Doodle Art you will have a 10% discount on the Fee.
    -In case the Artist wants to join the Doodle Art, the Fee will be only (see PDF to ask the Curator) Euros for 200 cm. (and for other measures the Artist will agree with the Curator.) 10% discount on the following 3 Events, publication of the Works on the Association’s website and Works published, for sale, on the curatorial website of Claudia Arch. Mantelli with prior compilation of the mandate to sell!
    The Works of Art must be at the Spazio Ex-Fornace Gola, Via Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 16, 20143 Milan on 17/18 May 2023 from 09:40 to 16:00.
    Withdrawal of the Works by the Artist on 31 May 2023 from 09:30 to 18:30
    -Insurance is not included even if the Location is supervised by the Police.
    -In the event that the Artist sends delicate Works, it is advisable to insure them.
    We will accept the Works of Art from the Couriers subject to the safety of the Artist.
    The fee includes:

-Intervention of temporary Interior Design in order to transform the space of a former furnace into an original and refined exhibition scenography by the Arch. Claudia Mantelli
-Advertising material.
-Digital advertising during and after the Event on Social Media
-Vernissage on 19 May 2023, 6.30 pm. – Opening hours : from
09.00 to 22.00 – Presence of the Curator from 15.30 to 22.00, including the weekend.

  • Surveillance during gallery opening hours
    -Eventual Events, Conferences and Performances during the Event.
  • Setting up and dismantling of the Exhibition.
    Claudia Mantelli info
  • cell. +39 3339434867)
    Thank you.
    Claudia Arch. Mantelli Art Curator, Exhibitions Organizer.


The undersigned———————————————— —————————————–Born in—— ———— on ———— Resident in ———————– —————————— POSTAL CODE——————- ————————
———————————- State————— ————————————————- Address
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————————————— VAT number ——– ————————-Website———————— —————–
Internet ————————————————- —– Email —————————————— —-
I ask to participate in the Event in question at the Spazio Ex-Fornace Gola, Via
Towpath Naviglio Pavese 16, 20143 Milan.

Signature Artist———————————————–

Thank you
Claudia Arch Mantelli Art Curator

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