“IN THE LENS OF A DREAM “- Wishes, Hopes , Fears – _REGULATION OF EXHIBITION IN ROME 19-09-2013 –


 Art Curator & Organizer Dr. Claudia Mantelli  presents:

  Art Gallery Collection Saman of Via Giulia Rome 194/a

 ” IN THE LENS OF A DREAM ” -Wishes, Hopes, Fears-

Exhibition of contemporary art

19 – 29 October 2013




“IN THE LENS OF DREAM” Wishes , Hopes , Fears

In the imaginative and creative process , the artist Expresses That Which dwells in His inner world , driven by the motor of each primitive , the body and the unconscious , or rather body- unconscious .In the imaginative and creative process , the artist Expresses That Which dwells in His inner world .”In the Lens of Dream” . Wishes , Hopes , Fears AIMS to showcase the very process of artistic creation, Which is the work with Which the dream transfigures , making them unrecognizable Their instincts of life and death , but Also His memories of His Father , the places, the mother .The hand of the copyist unconscious , we might call it , the One That moves on the canvas of the artist , tracing anagrams That challenge us to look , bet , guess ..Obviously this must be Considered for each type of artist .I will look into this theme That interests me Particularly , in the days before , During and after this show , with Video- Catalogues on Youtube, writings , poems and reflections Artists.I am very appreciated your Contacts with Journalists of Newspapers , Magazines , who personally contact you .Artists who sign up gradually , will be advertised in the

Web -Site https://claudiamantelliartcurator.com/ .

+39 333 94 34 867

MAIL cm.eventiarte @ hotmail.it


The exhibition will be held from 19 to 29 October 2013 in the halls of the gallery ” Collection Saman ” in Via Giulia . Opening October 19 at 18.30 .

Each artist will exhibit

a) 2 Works on canvas, wood, or other surfaces , or 2 2 Sculptures Works of Design ( photos, paintings, drawings , graphics , sculptures, design , installations) with an amount not exceeding 50×70 cm. or 80×60 cm . The works should be unframed or with a simple strip;

b) 3 small works (photos, paintings, drawings , graphics , sculptures, design , installations) maximum size 40×40 cm.Le works should be unframed or with a simple strip;

c ) 1 Performance;

d) Installation

For paintings, photographs, drawings and prints, sculptures (various materials) must not exceed 80 cm in height , Design, Performance 1 ( Each artist must agree with Claudia Mantelli, send the photos of Works of Art , after paying the cost for the Location, no later than September 25 ) The cost includes setting up and dismantling , inauguration , advertising with mailing lists, layout and printing of advertising material, recording on the major thematic portals with the names of the participating artists, surveillance, and voice, organization, advertising and printed media, contacts with newspapers, pictures and Videos on Youtube and continues advertising on the Sitehttps://claudiamantelliartcurator.com/. Since they started to join some artists , advice to sign up faster because the works of each artist will be published immediately after the Inscription on this web -site and all over the Web , in order to introduce the knowledge of the participating artists , their works Art but not those Exposed . We also need to complete the Registration quickly because I have to advertise, make a hardcopy brochure , the media , talk to JournalistsCollectors and everything has to be done professionally for avbere an excellent result.

The Works of art that will be exhibited will be published at the time of the exhibition .Participation is free but controlled by the President Claudia Dott.Mantelli , Curator and Organizer of Art and the Team.Please confirm your participation with the payment of the fee after you send the photos of Works of Art for selection no later than the20/25-09-2013 .

I advise you to streamline operations in order to participate because the artists are many and very good. To join this initiative please contact Claudia Mantelli+39 333 94 34 867 – MAIL cm.eventiarte @ hotmail.it ..For the selection , are to be sent together with this completed form , the photos of the works to be proposed ( in jpg format not exceeding 800×800 pixels ) .Please fill out the form and it is necessary to send the Mail written .


Registration form for the selection for the exhibition :

” IN THE LENS OF DREAM ” Wishes , Hopes , Fears

Exhibition of contemporary art

19 to 29 October : gallery ” Collection Saman of Via Giulia 194 / A

I sottoscritt___________________________________________________________

resident a___________________ ( Prov___ )

Via _________________ C.A.P. ______

Cell ____________________________

E- mail___________________________

site Web_________________________

I ask to be able to participate in the exhibition marked the work :

head line dimensions technique year

and I undertake to formalize the membership within the required time .Furthermore , I declare that the work presented is exclusively the result of my creative ability and , according to the law 196/2003 on privacy , expressly authorize the treatment of my personal data. All material presented above (photos, cd , catalogs … ) , will not be returned .


Web -Site https://claudiamantelliartcurator.com/

+39 333 94 34 867

MAIL cm.eventiarte @ hotmail.it

The Works of Art should be sent October 16, 2013 at this address :

MAIL BOXES M.B.E. 089Via dei Mille 38/4000185 ROMATEL :FIXED +39 06 4461945Cell / Mobile +39 348 8269 566Contact Mr. LUIGIFor the transport of the works , and also from abroad , please contact Mr. Louis BY MAIL or TELEPHONE .MAIL mbe089@mbe.itor phone .

The proposed works will have to be fitted with un’attaccaglia that will support the weight . The works must be collected before 30 October 2013 , following the close of the exhibition . The organizers , the Association of Professional Artists Studios Claudia Mantelli although the utmost care of the works received, do not take any responsibility for any damage due to shipping, tampering, fire , theft or other causes during the period of exposure and the stock.The Gallery is , however, well protected .Since they will also follow shows abroad, those who wish may make a small insurance if the Work is very valuable.This form must be sent via email at cm.eventiarte @ hotmail.it .TEL : +39 3339434 867

Ile Works can also be sent to Saman Gallery , October 16, 2013 for the exhibition of 19 October 2013 , during the opening hours of the gallery and must be accompanied by a sheet that describes . (including the price ).


Autore: claudiamantelliartcurator

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