Unknown Faces

Title : Unknown Faces (2014)
A series of Transfiguration of life II (Self-portrait)
Text Description of “Unknown Faces ” :


A man with pure life, but responsibility
for many sinners, for unknown organic revolution,
for confidential duties from dark waves,
who is sinners ? who is innocence ?
what reality face will come on next phase ?
when a good man goes to war ,
he is ready for the great battle !
his face changed into unknown faces,
in the unknown face, we have more choices,
transfigured face in the unknown road of life,
to show the power of the will and strong heart,
strong mind and powerful soul with true faith,
we need look in the future, not in the past,
we need face tomorrow on the song of sun,
we need forget whole the wrong pains,
freedom soon will come from the shadows,
no more empty days, no more place for hide,
the time will come for perfect evolution,
changes come closer and closer…

and time to majestic change !

Text (lyric) by Mostafa Habibi
“Based on the true story”





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