Walter Passarella- n°.120519- Mixed Media on canvas (90×100 cm.)

Walter Passarella is an Artist in line with contemporary Art.
His wonderful and interesting work turns his interest
to political-social issues.
Topics that highlight and denounce problems
linked to violence, to indifference towards others,
to the exploitation of a few minorities, to war, to
absurd attitudes.
The Artist studies the depth of the human spirit and superficiality
of his actions.
Humanity is at a fundamental crossroads:
remain in a decaying and rotting present or take a leap,
run the risk…
This last option is the only smart choice!
As can be seen, most of his subjects do
a movement towards the Observer:
The Characters jump, they show us, almost to warn us, to blame us,
they plunge into the void of hypocrisy, run towards hope.
Here is the Choice of Walter Passarella, who identifies himself with his analysis,
conceptualizing every problem worthy of study, with great mastery in his innovative works, through the most disparate contemporary techniques.
Claudia Mantelli