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In your quest for healthy self-esteem through self-promotion, think about the time that you spend alone with yourself. Many people do not like the idea of spending time alone because it forces them to think too much, or they simply do not enjoy their own company. Being alone and spending that time in self-promotion is a way to begin to look at your inner qualities and discover what it is that you enjoy about yourself and your own company. Self-promotion is, in effect, a way to have a relationship with yourself.

Perhaps you are always searching for the other “half” of you to make you a whole person. Self-promotion allows you to move toward acceptance of yourself as a whole person without having to have another half. There are many worse things than being alone. For example, being with someone and feeling alone is worse than being alone by yourself. Being in an abusive relationship is worse than being alone and being in a one-sided relationship is worse than being alone.

It is not encouraged to spend day after day, week after week alone; other people certainly add to the quality of your life, but it can be healthy to take some time for yourself and use your alone time to establish closer ties to you.

Self-promotion is an important step in building healthy self-esteem. It allows you to spend time with yourself without any judgment from you or anyone else. If you have not yet begun to develop a humor file, victory wall, or letter/photo/card box, take time today to begin each of these. They are inexpensive, yet invaluable when it comes to taking care of your own soul. Don't let the old notion that you can't take care of and spend time with you impede your progress in the quest for healthy self-esteem. 

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Claudia Arch.Mantelli Art Curator, Exhibitions Organizer, Management, Designer-- Art Dealer, Architect, Interior Designer-Artist- I created this "virtual space" to be able to do "Art and Culture" directed to a heterogeneous and international audience who wants to see, participate, comment, buy or sell, be advertised: in short, be actively involved and in the most disparate ways that I propose, in agreement with the Artists e together with the curatorial team. Quality, Professionalism, Experience, Creativity, Genius will be at the base of all that I propose Individually or with Professional Artists. There will be excellent services for the Artist at affordable prices (Catalogs, Critics, Videos, Brochures, Advertising-Personal Shows, Collective, I will propose artistic and cultural events with galleries, fairs, important auctions, consulates, associations, companies, theaters, palaces, castles, special areas in different parts of Europe and the world to optimize the results obtained with the help of Sponsors, Advertising and Donations. Obviously I will introduce the Artists of which I am the Art Curator and the Artists that are in '. "Art Factory by Claudia Mantelli ART". The Association no longer exists because it prevented me from doing my profession better. As I said, I will only create quality and thickness events, especially outside Italy. I am interested in every type of Artist: from Fine Arts, (Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Digital Art, Visual Art, Performances ......), Design, Body Art, Street Art. Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Visual Arts, Design, Digital-Art, Street-Art, Body-Art, Performances, Installations, Projects related to the Metaphysics, the Unconscious, the Dream World, the Science, Quantum Physics, the Mysteries of ' Man. Architecture, Interior Designer and Design will also play a fundamental role in this space and concretely, because I will create interesting and creative events dealt with professionally. They are welcome, actors, musicians, bands, singers and excellent professionals in the contemporary international artistic and cultural scene for the "Contamination Project" of Fine Art with other Arts. Some points are essential for me 1) Spreading Art and Culture 2) To bring out the Artists 3) Selling the Artists' Works. 4) I am also available Individually for Who will ask for my Professionalism and Planning in Curating Artists and Events, Workshop, Conferences, Seminars, Galleries Management's Galleries, Art Director, Interior Design + Contemporary Art and Historicized Art. All the best. Thank you. . Claudia Mantelli Art Curator and Exhibition Organizer. mail claudia.mantelli@yahoo.com

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