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    1. I wish I could be helped dab someone! .. Among Exhibitions, My Projects with every artist present .. and future .. All contacts with the newspapers, the TV … Writing (I write a lot but I never have time to copy it on your PC because I prefer the contact with the pen and paper) …. Treating the Artists ….. Find the best galleries or spaces for any Personal or small groups of artists … Keep me updated on Lavoratre Social, Advertising, etc.. I do not have the time to complete the base and gertire Site or Blog. I would like to enter the list of artists associated with and do not know how to do …
      Sure that I need help because I’m multiplying but I do not have the gift of ‘Ubiquity … unfortunately! I hope to search a cool Associate that’s want work with me as Artists or for Connaboration with me.Claudia

      "Mi piace"

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