Carlo A.Martigli – La Congiura dei Potenti- THE MIGHTY ONES CONSPIRACY

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English Summary/英文概要: A magnificent novel, full of passion and intrigue, a fast-paced thriller revolving around a conspiracy at that point in history when the Church on one side and Martin Luther on the other must choose between power and people. They will both choose power.

Worms, 1521. Martin Luther is forced by the Emperor to forswear his heretical theses, but he refuses and stands up for his radical ideas. Under severe threats, he manages to escape: someone is plotting ingenious subterfuges behind his back. It’s Jacob Fugger, “the Rich”, major merchant and banker, possibly the most powerful man in the entire Western world; he helps Luther and receives him in his house. Fugger has his reasons to keep Luther alive and, most of all, to keep him under his power…

Then another man shows up at Fugger’s house: he has a troubled past and a secret mission, his name is Paolo de Mola and his plans, as well as those of his evil master, will not be ruined, not by Thomas Müntzer nor by power intrigues. Only love can make him stumble: his forbidden and undercover love for young and beautiful Sybille, Jacob Fugger’s wife. At that point in history, the Church on one side and Luther on the other must choose between power and people. They will both choose power. And power takes the shape that it still has today. Not weapons, not religion: money.

Martigli’s ability to intertwine history and fiction is captivating, giving life to a great novel, full of passions and plot twists: the story of the birth of economic power, a power that is still running our lives.
Awards/获奖情况: “Like Ken Follett and Ildefonso Falcones, Martigli builds up real, historical events in masterfully wrought adventure stories where the reader is invariably hooked from the first page to the last. A sure bestseller hit.”–laRepubblica

About the Author/作者介绍: Carlo A. Martigli was born in Pisa and lives in Rapallo. He is the acclaimed author of two previous bestselling historical thrillers, 999: L’Ultimo Custode (2009) and L’Eretico (2012), with nearly half million copies sold in more than 15 countries worldwide.
Rights Status/版权销售情况:Simplified Chinese/简体中文:AVAILABLE
Complex/Traditional Chinese/繁体中文:AVAILABLE
Sales in other countries/其他国家销售情况:Italy (GeMS/Longanesi); 此作者作品之前卖过的出版社:Brazil (Record) China, Mainland (Guizhou People’s Publishing) Czech Rep. (Euromedia, AL Press) Denmark (Rosinante/Cicero) France (Editions First) Germany (Goldmann) Greece (Kedros) Hungary (Nytott) Israel (Sela Books) Latvia (Dienas Gramata) Poland (Sonia Draga) Russia (Eksmo) Slovakia (Ikar) Spain (Roca Editorial) Turkey (Pegasus)
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